Generation (Laz)Y, Staged Reading

Generation (Laz)Y is a satirical comedy about the economy and the Millenial or “Gimme,” generation. Margaret Chatterly is a thirty-something year old woman living in a tent in her parents’ backyard, holding down two minimum wage jobs and one internship and is utterly convinced she's dying--whether from the stress or the absurdity! As Margaret struggles to get enough hours and pay to justify her existence, she may just take some drastic measures before society slowly crushes her.

Written by Ashley Lauren Rogers


Directed by David Charles


Produced by David Charles and Ashley Lauren Rogers


Performances by Sylas Barrett, Gabby Barrios, JJ Bozeman, Lara Fox, Sue-Ellen Mandell, Alex Moreno, Pascal Portney, Julian Garnik, and Samantha E. Turlington


Presented at the Green Room Lounge at New World Stages

All Information and Photos are © David Charles (Except Where Noted)

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