Written by Russell Poole

Directed by David Charles

Produced by David Charles and Russell Poole
Producing Consultation by Samantha E. Turlington

Scenic and Costume Design by Susan Garyantes

Lighting Design by Chelsie McPhilimy

Sound Design by Drew Weinstein

Performances by JJ Bozeman, Chih-Heng Liao, Sue-Ellen Mandell, Molly Mermelstein, Terrence Montgomery, Jesse Tyler Moore, Thanh Ta


Immortal is about a young man who comes back to life after committing suicide. Because of this resurrection, he is able to witness the impact his life and death have had on the people around him. 

Immortal premiered at the Hudson Guild Theatre on July 14th, 2016.

All Information and Photos are © David Charles (Except Where Noted)

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