I create provocative theatre that prompts change by urging audience dialogue through the staging of contemporary work. I am drawn to works that break convention and tackle difficult subject matters.


I am passionate about new play development. I also realize the importance of breaking away from traditional readings at music stands, and stage readings with actual staging.


After taking Curriculum Design at the Actors Fund with Karen Sklaire, I now offer private scene study classes, working on scenes from working playwrights in New York City.

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"I find David to be unusually gifted, especially for someone so young. He has very good instincts that he couples with a solid intellectual gasp of the material and craft. He knows what he wants, but is flexible and able to readily adjust to changing situations and new ideas. He works well with actors and equally well with the design and tech staff. And he is always mindful of the needs and desires of the audience and the ultimate goal of getting the play to work in production."

-William Kelly

"Yas DC, yas."

-Bianca Sanchez

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