*Photos by Allison Stock Photography

Written by Ashley Lauren Rogers

Directed by David Charles

Fight Direction by Nathan Oesterle

Produced by David Charles, Ashley Lauren Rogers, and Samantha E. Turlington

Performances by Sylas Barrett, Gabby Barrios, Gladys Hendricks, Jesse Rose Krebs, Michael McGuire, Ashley Lauren Rogers, Gabriel Spector, Rachel Weekley


How far would you go to fight for your rights? To stand up to insurmountable odds? To refuse disrespect? When The Riarchy Corporation bought out the majority shares in SCOWL they instituted rule after rule, seeming to punish those most in need of support. Pushed to the edge it's up to former SCOWL champion April Rain and a motley crew of trans and nonbinary warriors to defeat the Riarchy Corporation in a best of three competition. If they win Riarchy Corporation owner Pat Riarchy will give up his shares in SCOWL and dissolve the Riarchy corporation. But if she loses, April, and all members of the SCOWL roster will have to present and compete as their sex assigned at birth or leave SCOWL. SCOWL: Fight For Your Rights is an action packed theatrical presentation combining stage combat choreography, acrobatics, and mixed media to create queer and trans inclusive theatrical performance with a sports appeal.

All Information and Photos are © David Charles (Except Where Noted)

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