Dick Whittington Cums to Hell's Kitchen

by Robert K. Benson


Dick Whittington Cums to Hell's Kitchen is based on the British legend of Dick Whittington who came to London to seek his fame and fortune, believing the streets were paved with gold. In our story, Dick makes his way from a small town in the Middle West of Nowhere to New York City to seek his fame and fortune and lands in Hell's Kitchen in the 90's. "These streets aren't paved with gold, honey!" Along the way he acquires a cat and salt of the earth Drag Queen landlady who help guide his journey. When his new home threatens to become overrun with Rats (both in animal and human form), Dick and his Cat fight to save their sanctuary, where the streets are lined with porn!

Written by Robert K. Benson


Directed by David Charles


Produced by R & R Productions


Performances by Lily Ali-Oshatz, Robert K. Benson, Tiffany Carvalho, Sam Given, Makia Martin, Rachel McPhee, and Regan Sims, with Nick Kohn

© 2020 by David Charles.